New Driver Tips

Learning to drive a car is one of the most important steps someone can take to transition into adulthood. Unfortunately, that transition always doesn’t go very smoothly. Never fear, Freedom Honda is here with tips to help new drivers embrace the world of driving.

Wear your seat belt. Vehicular safety begins before you even put your car in gear. Get into the habit of putting on your seat belt before driving. Eventually, it will become second nature.

Party like it’s 1999. As in when (most) people didn’t have cell phones. While a more experienced driver would be able to able to use new Bluetooth technology to make phone calls while driving, it is best for all drivers to completely avoid using cell phones while behind the wheel.

Limit your passengers. While laws for passengers in vehicles driven by teens vary from state to state, it’s never a good idea for novice drivers to have lots of passengers. While piling all of your friends into the car may seem harmless, it can greatly increase your risk of being in an accident.

Drive a safe car. In the event of an accident, you want to be sure that you will be protected. Luckily, Honda offers a variety of automobiles loaded with safety features.

Stay calm. Just like with anything else in life, being nervous is only going to make things worse. Remember, you can do this! The more you relax, the more you’ll be able to focus on the road.

Here at Freedom Honda, your local Colorado Springs Honda dealership, we know that each person needs to take the time to learn how to become an excellent driver. When you feel like you’re ready to take that step, come to Freedom Honda to pick up your new ride. With a large selection of new and pre-owned vehicles, we have something for every driver and every budget.

Why You Should Have a Car Survival Kit

Emergencies happen when you least expect them. A car survival kit is too often a solution that isn’t thought of until it’s too late. At Freedom Honda, we suggest all Colorado Springs residents drive with a car survival kit at all times. The contents of the kit will help responders better locate your vehicle, keep you and your passengers safe (and alive) until help arrives and allows you the opportunity to be able to help others in an emergency.

Items to include in your car survival kit:

- Tools: jumper cables and a multi-tool

  • Freedom Honda Hint: pack duct tape as well as your multi-tool, it can help repair a multitude of objects from clothes to tools and it doesn’t take up a lot of space ‘Keep Duct Tape in Your Car for Emergencies’







- Provisions: water and protein bars or M.R.E.s (meal-ready-to-eat)

- Source of light and/or heat: a flashlight or a flint stone

  • Freedom Honda Hint: reverse the batteries in the flashlight to prevent an accidental burnout

- Extra layers: a rain coat, a towel or rag, and an emergency blanket

‘Keep Emergency Blankets in Your Automobile’












- Map of the local area or area you will be traveling

  • Freedom Honda Hint: if you have a smart phone, find the area you’ll be traveling in Google Maps and take a screen shot; that way if you don’t have service or GPS, you’ll at least have the image of the map

- And for obvious reasons: a first-aid kit and toilet paper‘Store a First Aid Kit in Your Car’









We hope your journeys are safe. But if you do find yourself in an emergency situation, at least your emergency kit will help keep you safe.

Why You Shouldn’t Drive Around With Your Check Engine Light On

It can happen any time. You’re driving around when you happen to notice that your check engine light has come one. Do you ignore it? Do you start crying? Neither, actually. The experts at your local Colorado Springs Honda dealer, Freedom Honda, have answers for you. Here are some things to consider when your check engine light comes on:

It could be nothing. A variety of different things could be causing your check engine light to come on. In some vehicles, the check engine light will come on if you don’t twist your gas-cap tight enough. If you forget about it long enough, it may even turn off on its own.

It could be something big. Your check engine light is not your “low fuel” light – don’t just let it stay on. Your engine could be on the verge of completely failing. Do NOT ignore this light.

It’s not worth risking it. Paying for a vehicle repair is not fun, but having to replace your engine – or even entire vehicle – because the issue was not addressed is even worse. Never delay on important vehicle maintenance.

Whether your check engine light is on, you need an oil change or you’re looking to purchase a new Honda, Freedom Honda  is here to help you! As one of the largest Honda dealerships in Colorado, Freedom Honda is the go-to source for all your vehicle needs in Colorado Springs.

Games to Play on Your Road Trip

Road trips are a great option for a summer vacation for Colorado Springs residents. They are a great way to see the country and spend some quality time with friends and family. But for those you aren’t excited about chatting for hours, bring along some of these pieceless boardless games to keep the fun going while on the road.


This game is a game of positivity. The first player starts by offering an “unfortunate” statement, such as “unfortunately, dragons escaped from the zoo.” Then, the second player returns with a “fortunate” statement, such as “fortunately, I know a great dragon catcher!” The more unbelievable the statements, the better.

Road Trip Bingo

Road trip bingo is a game of bingo using objects you may pass along your journey. Just print the cards, laminate them and grab some white board markers. ‘Road Trip Games - Road Trip Bingo’








Who Am I?

This road trip game is a guessing game of clue. The first player thinks of someone the rest of the passengers know. Then in 20 questions or less, the rest of the players have to figure out who player one is thinking about, using only “yes” or “no” questions. Whoever guesses the person correctly then thinks of the next mystery person.

Two Truths and a Lie

To win at this game, you must have a great poker face! The first player says three statements; two that are true and one that is a lie. Everyone guesses which one is a lie. The person that guesses right thinks of the next three statements.

The License Plate Game

To play the License Plate Game you only need a piece of paper and a pen. First write down all 50 states, A – Z. Then, as you drive look out for each state’s license plate. Once you spot one, mark it down. Try to look for all fifty.

Surviving Your Next Road Trip: A Step-by-Step Guide from Freedom Honda

Listen – we all know that living here in Colorado Springs is awesome. Despite all of its awesomeness, it is nice to get away and go on a road trip. If you’ve ever been on a road trip, you know how great they are. You also know that they can be a disaster if not planned accordingly. To help make your next road trip go smoothly, here are some tips from Freedom Honda:

Phone chargers. It is important that you use your road trip to “get away from it all,” but having your phone is essential. From playing cool music to getting directions to finding a hotel, having your phone charged will keep you from headaches down the road.

Snacks. No one is happy when they’re hungry. The trip will go much more smoothly if you have a variety of snacks: chips, candy, fruit and energy bars accompanied by juice and water will keep everyone satisfied.

Rent a car. You should be able to enjoy your road trip without the fear of putting miles on your vehicle. Rent a vehicle that has enough room for you, your passengers and all of the stuff you’ll be bringing. Life hack: get a car with heated seats. Sitting for long periods of time will be much easier.

Pillows. Naps are beautiful. Bring plenty of pillows and blankets so passengers can rest periodically.

A plan. Be sure to have a plan of action…and then promptly throw it out the window: the best part of a road trip is throwing caution to the wind and wandering around. Whether it’s around Colorado Springs or on the other side of the world, aimlessly wandering can be very enjoyable.

Looking for your next road trip machine? Come to Freedom Honda! As your local Colorado Springs Honda dealer, we have a wide range of vehicles to help meet your specific vehicle needs and fit your budget. Check out our inventory online or swing by the store and take a test-drive!

Freedom Honda Presents: Staycationing in Colorado Spring

We’re beyond proud to call Colorado Springs home. Call us biased, but we think it’s one of the greatest cities around. People from all over the world come to visit Colorado. Because of this, we don’t have to go far to come across some exciting things to do for a “staycation.” Here are some local attractions Freedom Honda, your local Colorado Springs Honda dealer, recommends checking out:

Garden of the Gods. From the Kissing Camels to the great views, Garden of the Gods is one of the most peaceful places in town to get away for the day. Bonus: all your non-Colorado friends will be envious of such a beautiful place being minutes from your home.

Manitou Springs. There’s a reason that this area of town is so popular with tourists. From the cool shops to beautiful scenery, this is a great part of town to come by and slow down.  And don’t forget to take a drink of water from the mineral spring!

Get hiking. There are plenty of places to go hike in the area, but the Manitou Incline is not for the faint of heart! The climb includes a 2,000 foot vertical accent in less than a mile – be sure to bring plenty of water!

Pike’s Peak. This seems obvious, but really – Pike’s Peak is the crown jewel of Colorado Springs. Not going to the top frequently is a great disservice to yourself and your family. Bring your appetite with you – the mountain is famous for its donuts. Just don’t forget to bring a jacket!

Whether you’re just cruising to Castle Rock or driving to Delaware, Freedom Honda is the go-to expert for buying and maintaining your Colorado Springs vehicle. We know you want to get out and go places – let your local Colorado Springs Honda dealer, Freedom Honda, help you get there. Stop by the store and let us help get you in a new ride!

Civic or Accord – Which Should You Choose?

Freedom Honda, your local Colorado Springs Honda dealer, understands that picking out the right vehicle is very important. After all, you could be driving your new Honda for the next million miles! If you’re looking for your next long-term relationship, a Honda is the best choice. When shopping for a car to meet their Colorado Springs lifestyle, our customers often cross-shop both the Accord and Civic. We have some bad news: they’re both amazing cars and picking one is going to be a challenge. Here is the breakdown on why you can’t go wrong with either an Accord or Civic:

Resale Value. Both the Accord and the Civic retain their very value well. Whether you keep your car 3 or 13 years, you can be confident in knowing that your money is being well-spent and your vehicle won’t depreciate quickly.

Available features. One of the benefits of going with a Honda is that our base models are anything but. On both the Civic and Accord, standard equipment includes: a backup camera, power locks and windows and Bluetooth. Want more features? From leather seats and touchscreen stereos to hybrids models, you can load your Honda with as many options as your heart desires.

Fuel Economy. With a CVT (automatic) transmission, both cars deliver exceptional fuel economy*. The Civic is rated at 30/39/33 (city/highway/combined)* and the Accord is rated at 27/36/30*. Either way, you’ll be saving money at the pump.

At the end of the day, you can’t go wrong with either of the choices. If you’re looking to spend less and drive a smaller car, the Civic is your best-bet. If you want a family-sedan that doesn’t make you sacrifice, the Accord is for you. No matter which one you choose, you’ll be experiencing plenty of #HondaLove for years to come. If you want to find out which one is right for you, come by your local Colorado Springs Honda dealer, Freedom Honda, to take a test drive and see which car is right for you!

*Civic: 30 city/39 highway/33 combined mpg rating for Civic CVT models. Accord: 27 city/36 highway/30 combined mpg rating for Sedan CVT models. Based on 2014 EPA mileage ratings. Use for comparison purposes only. Your actual mileage will vary depending on how you drive and maintain your vehicle.


How to Avoid A Speed Trap In Colorado Springs

We all make mistakes when driving. Unfortunately, the police are sometimes around to witness those mistakes. Colorado Springs drivers may feel like they are pulled-over more frequently than drivers in other places. Your suspicions aren’t without merit – Colorado Springs is known for having lots of speed traps. With so many speed traps around, here are Freedom Honda’s suggestions to avoid a ticket:

Brake lights. Is everyone ahead of you hitting their brake ? This is a good sign that there is a speed trap ahead. If there’s red ahead, slow down before there’s red and blue behind you.

Landscape. There are certain landscapes that are more speed-friendly than others. If you find yourself driving on a road that is downhill or long and flat, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for law enforcement. They know that these are prime speeding spots and are on the lookout.

Radar Detectors. One of the best ways to be aware of a speed trap is investing in a radar detector. They can alert you on an upcoming speed trap and give you enough time to slow down.

Obey traffic laws. It seems obvious, but the best way to avoid a ticket is to stick to traffic laws. Police officers are out there to make the roads safer for everyone. Besides avoiding the fines associated with breaking the law, you will be much calmer during your drive. Constantly watching for the police can take a toll on your nerves.

Regardless of your driving record, Freedom Honda is here to help you find the vehicle that best meets your Colorado Springs lifestyle. If you want the best dealer experience possible, come stop by and see what we can do for you! Contact us for more information.

Colorado Springs Honda Dealer Presents: How to Get Your Car Unstuck in The Summer

Freedom Honda knows that our customers are looking for vehicles to fit their active lifestyles. As one of the most active cities in the country, you are probably going to find yourself driving on unpaved surfaces. Off-roading is fun… until you get stuck. While you may be used to having to get yourself unstuck during snowy conditions, summer activities can leave you unable to drive away. If you find yourself stuck this summer, here is what you need to know to make your way back to the road:

See ya, passengers. Whether your car is stuck in a ditch or the mud, the first step to getting your car out is removing all of the excess weight from your car. Removing passengers makes your vehicle lighter and gives it a better chance of getting un-stuck. Also, these passengers will be needed outside the car in a future step.

Gears. It’s important to keep your engine speed low. You can achieve this by putting your car in the lowest gear possible. For stick-shift drivers, this means putting it in “1.” For automatic owners, this means “L.”

Rocking. Next, try rocking your car out. This is the process of putting your car in reverse, pressing on the accelerator, and then doing the same thing in a forward-driving gear (the lowest gear possible). Repeat the process a few times; however, be sure not to accelerate hard or excessively. This can cause your tires to dig into the ground – then you’re really stuck!

Pushing. Remember those passengers you kicked out? You’re going to need them. Get them to push your vehicle while you (gently) press on the accelerator. The extra force from their pushing can propel your vehicle back to a drivable surface. Again, make sure not to spin your tires and dig yourself deeper into the ground.

Throw in the towel. Sometimes, it’s just not possible to get your vehicle un-stuck. If you find yourself unable to get unstuck, call a tow truck. Many times, your car insurance will include roadside assistance so you will be reimbursed for towing costs.

As your go-to expert for your vehicle needs in Colorado Springs, Freedom Honda knows that your vehicle is what gives you access to your active Colorado lifestyle. Whether you’re looking for a place to get your oil changed or purchase your next car, Freedom Honda has what you need! Want to find out more about how Freedom Honda can help you? Contact us today!

Colorado Springs Honda Dealer Presents Car Maintenance Tips: How to Check Your Oil

Freedom Honda, your local Colorado Springs Honda Dealership, knows that it can be easy to forget about simple car maintenance. Colorado Springs is an active city and you need a vehicle you can trust to get you anywhere. One of the most simple, yet important things you can do to ensure the longevity of your vehicle is checking the oil. While you should check the oil no matter what the age of the vehicle is, it becomes increasingly important to monitor its level the older it is. Here are some tips on checking your oil:

Read up. Your car doesn’t come with an owner’s manual just for kicks – it contains valuable information about your vehicle. Consult your owner’s manual to determine where the oil stick is in your engine bay. No longer have the owner’s manual? Don’t worry! Many automakers now put up a PDF version of the manual online to deal with this problem.

Pop the hood. After making sure your vehicle has been turned off,locate the hood release inside your car (consult your manual for location). Once you locate it and pop your hood, lock the hood into place (for older vehicles, use the hood prop). From here, you will locate the dipstick. The end of the dipstick will be a yellow color.









Check the oil. It’s important to understand that the engine is likely going to be hot, so use caution. Have some paper towels on hand and remove the dipstick. Take the paper towel and wipe away the oil on the dipstick. Insert the dipstick back into its slot, making sure it goes all the way back in. Remove the stick again. You now will be able to see the vehicle’s oil level. The stick will have markers on it that indicate “low” and “full.” Ideally, your oil should be hitting the “full” line. If the oil is “low” (or worse, there is none showing on the dipstick), it is important to add oil to the vehicle.

It’s important to keep your vehicle maintained to ensure that it stays in tip-top shape. Whether you need an oil change or a new car, Freedom Honda is your go-to expert for all of your Colorado Springs Honda needs. If you’re in the market for a new or used Honda in Colorado Springs, we have a wide range of vehicles to meet your specific needs. Swing by our store or check out our online inventory to see our current line-up.