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The 2013 Honda Fit: Versatility and Innovation


Colorado Springs Honda dealerIt’s easy to dismiss the 2013 Honda Fit as a typical hatchback, but you’d be surprised at what you’ll find behind the wheel of this innovative little Honda when you come in for a test drive at your Colorado Springs Honda Dealer, Freedom Honda.  The Honda Fit offers versatility in almost every feature, allowing you, the driver, to be in total control and get the most out of your driving experience.

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Introducing the All-New Urban SUV Concept

Colorado Springs Honda DealerHonda was not about to be outdone at the North American International Auto Show, and they put their best foot forward with the debut of the Urban SUV concept. If you love the utility of the CR-V, the configuration options of the Fit, and the fuel-efficient, fun-to-drive engine of the Accord, then brace yourself — this Honda SUV concept combines it all into one efficient and versatile crossover that is sure to blow you away. Continue reading

The Honda Accord and Fit Make the Car and Driver 10Best Cars List… Again!

Colorado Springs Honda DealerIf you take a glance at Car and Driver’s 10Best Cars list for 2013, you may get the feeling of déjà vu because once again, the Honda Accord and Honda Fit both made the cut. In September, Car and Driver editors drove over 15,000 miles to test every new 2013 model under $80,000, and all 2012 10Best winners to determine who will make this year’s list. Like always, Honda did not disappoint. Continue reading

The 2013 Honda Fit: Four Different Modes for All of Your Transporting Needs

Colorado Springs Honda DealerOn the outside, the Honda Fit looks like a compact car, but what about its interior? With the Fit, you get the fuel economy and convenience of a small car, but with the capabilities to transport like a SUV. Whether you’re going to a movie with friends or making a trip to the lumberyard, the Honda Fit has a mode for what you need. Continue reading

The Little Car with the Big Heart: 2013 Colorado Springs Honda Fit

colorado hondaTo some people, bigger is better. A big vehicle gives you all the room for your weekend warrior projects or the ability to haul the little league team. But it doesn’t give you good fuel efficiency. Luckily, when the engineers at Honda designed the latest Fit, they had your needs in mind. Small in size but not in capacity, the 2013 Honda Fit is the perfect option for, well, anybody. Continue reading

Back to School with Your Colorado Honda: Meet the 2012 Honda Fit

colorado springs hondaFor many Colorado Springs residents, it’s almost time to head back to school. Whether your son or daughter is preparing for high school or their first year at college, now is a good time to make sure they have a safe and reliable vehicle to get around in. When they’re heading home for the holidays — or just home from football practice — you want to have peace of mind. That’s where the 2012 Honda Fit comes in! As a Colorado Springs Honda dealership, we’re exploring everything this vehicle has to offer. Continue reading

Used Colorado Honda Tips: What to Look For

used honda elementWhether you’re looking to get your hands on a Honda Element or your teenager needs their first ride, a pre-owned vehicle is a great option for many. But buying a used Colorado Honda also comes with it special considerations. After all, you don’t want to end up with a lemon! With a few helpful tips, however, you can make sure the used Honda you purchase has plenty of miles left on it. Continue reading

2013 Honda Fit Gets Colorful for Colorado Springs Honda Fans

colorado honda fitAfter first being introduced in 2001, the Honda Fit has made its way into the hearts of Colorado Honda fans everywhere. With its sporty drive and compact yet efficient interior, the Fit offers something for everyone. After the 2012 model year Fit was introduced with an upgraded interior and new features, you might be wondering what Honda would possibly change. Continue reading

Colorado Springs Honda Insider: About Electric Vehicles

Back in the day, most vehicles ran on one thing: gasoline. But as technology evolves and gas prices constantly fluctuate, vehicle engineers across the world have developed new means of powering our daily commute. What is emerging as a viable alternative to fossil fuel? Electricity. As a Colorado Springs Honda dealer, we’re exploring the basics of an electric vehicle. Continue reading

Colorado Honda Fit Ups the Efficiency Ante

Long known for their commitment to fuel efficiency before green was “cool,” Honda is pioneering yet again — this time in the world of electric vehicle efficiency. In their commitment to exploring and developing affordable fuel sources, the engineers at Honda recently announced that the Honda Fit EV has achieved the highest EPA rating MPG. Ever. 50 MPG? 70 MPG? That’s nothing compared to the Colorado Springs Honda Fit EV’s 118 MPG. Continue reading