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Colorado Springs Honda Dealer Presents: Part 1 – How to Change a Tire

Whether you’re driving down Powers or at the Top of Pike’s Peak, getting a flat tire is never fun. While it’s a situation we’d all like to avoid, it’s important for every driver to know what to do if the situation ever arises. Never fear – your local Colorado Spring Honda dealer is here! Here are the tips Freedom Honda has gathered to help you if you find yourself having to change a tire:

  1. Make sure you’re safe. If by the side of a road, make sure your vehicle is as far away from traffic as possible and that you have your hazard lights turned on.
  2. Find a large object – like a brick or rock – and place it in front of both the front and back tires.
  3. At this point, you’ll need to find a jack and a replacement tire. There will be a place underneath the frame of your car that is designed for a jack. Consult your owner’s manual to see exactly where this is.
  4. Place the jack underneath your vehicle in the spot recommend by your owner’s manual and raise the jack till it is supporting, but not lifting, the vehicle. The jack should be even with the ground and solidly supporting the vehicle.
  5. Remove the hubcap from your vehicle. Using a standard cross wrench or wrench that came with your vehicle, loosen the nuts using a counter-clockwise motion. It might take a lot of force to break the nuts loose. Be sure to just loosen the nuts, not remove them. Crank the jack to raise the car high enough to remove the tire.
  6. Remove the nuts by turning them counter clockwise. After that, remove the tire and place the new tire on the car, aligning the wheel bolts with the new tire.
  7. Tighten the nuts by hand unit they are screwed on and then use the wrench to finish tightening them. Be sure to tighten each nut the same amount and avoid completely tightening them one at a time – go in a “star” pattern so each nut is tightened the same amount.
  8. Some parting advice – if you’re driving on a spare tire, do not exceed 50 MPH as they were not designed for high speed. Replace the tire as soon as possible.

Sometimes changing a tire isn’t enough to fix what’s wrong with your vehicle. When it’s time for a new ride, come on down to your local Colorado Spring Honda dealership, Freedom Honda! With a variety of new and pre-owned, we have a vehicle for every budget

Top Things to Keep In Your Car

At Freedom Honda we want our drivers to be prepared while cruising around Colorado Springs. You never know what you’re going to need when you’re on the road, especially in Colorado. If you don’t already have these items in your car consider adding them.

‘Car Emergency Kit’









Spare Cash: Keep around $30-$40 dollars in a place passengers won’t see, like a pocket in the user’s manual or taped to the top of the glove box.

Phone Book: When roaming the roads cell connection isn’t guaranteed. Take a phone book or address book with you in case you wander into a “dead zone.”

Tire Gauge:   Always have a tire gauge in your car and check your tires every other fill-up. Making sure you have enough air in your tires will improve your gas mileage and will also increase the life of your tires.

Flashlight or Slow Burning Candle: Choose whichever light source you’d prefer or choose both! If you choose a flashlight remember extra batteries; if you choose a candle remember water-proof matches. A light source will help responders find your location if you are lost. A candle can also be used as a heat source.

Blanket: A blanket can come in handy if in an emergency and if you want to have a spontaneous picnic. Choose a blanket you won’t mind getting dirty and you’re set.

Toilet Paper, Wipes, Paper Towels: Especially if your passengers are young ones, drive with a clean-up kit. When you’re on the road, messes should be expected but are too commonly unplanned.

First Aid Kit: Many don’t think of First Aid Kits until it’s too late.

Food and Water: Pack a few bottles of water and some granola bars. (Don’t forget to replace them if you get the munchies along the way.)

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