Colorado Springs Honda Dealership Tips: Safety Tips for Driving With Kids

Colorado Springs Honda dealerNow that school is back in session, there’s a good chance you and your Honda will become somewhat of a chauffeur service.  Getting kids to daycare, school, extracurriculars and playdates means you’ll be driving quite a bit. And while it’s important to be a safe driver at all times, it becomes even more important when kids are in the car. We’ll share some tips on how to stay safe.

Make sure they’re properly secured. For small children, it’s important that you’re using the right car seat and using it properly. This guide from Colorado’s Department of Transportation can help with securing kids of all ages and keep you up-to-date on seatbelt laws. Older children (and all passengers, for that matter) should be wearing a seat belt.

Minimize distractions. With children in the car, it’s more important than ever to focus on the road. Try to avoid turning around to look at them – use mirrors if you must. To keep small children’s toys from falling on the ground, consider tethering them to the car seat so you don’t feel the need to pick them up. And as always: put the phone down!

Set a good example. This is especially important when driving with teens, but even young children are impressionable and could be learning from your every move. Be the kind of driver you want your kids to be – keep road rage to a minimum, and follow the rules of the road.

As a Honda owner, your car adds an extra level of safety: many Hondas are IIHS Top Safety picks. Keep your car safe by trusting it to the Master Certified technicians at your Colorado Springs Honda dealer, Freedom Honda!

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