Honda Unveils New Engines for Eco-Friendly Colorado Honda Fans

For years, Honda has been on the front end of fuel-efficient engine technology. But Honda is stepping it up again with the announcement of the new “Earth Dreams” line of engines. In the coming years, several of Honda’s most popular vehicles will receive engine upgrades with improved MPGs. As a premier Colorado Springs Honda dealership, we’re exploring these new engines and what they mean for you.

colorado hondaThe new Earth Dreams engine will debut shortly in the Accord this fall before making its ways to the rest of the Honda lineup soon thereafter. These new engines will feature direct injection and double-overhead cams along with a 10 percent increase in fuel economy compared to the current four-cylinder engines.

According to, Honda will also be pushing their Continuously Variable Transmissions in more vehicles, which has also proven to provide improved fuel efficiency. But don’t worry — if you drive one of Honda’s more burly vehicles, like the Ridgeline, says, “performance models and off-road vehicles will retain geared transmissions.”

Looking for more information on improvements to your favorite Honda vehicles? Stay tuned to our Colorado Springs Honda blog for news and updates! And don’t forget to check out the new Accord and all its improvements this fall!

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