4 Tips For Driving in Hail

May 12th, 2016 by

Summer is finally right around the corner and with it comes hail storms! Hail storms can be very dangerous and it is important to be prepared for when they hit. Keeping these four tips in mind during the upcoming summer months can help prevent damage to your vehicle and the people inside of it.

  1. Stay Inside! Hail is falling at extremely fast speeds and it has no mercy for those in its path. Staying inside your car when an unexpected hail storm hits will help prevent bodily harm to you and the other passengers in the car.
  2. Stop! Stop driving as soon as it is safely possible. Try to get under something that can provide shelter to avoid broken windows and further damage to your car. Make sure to get all the way out of traffic and avoided ditches because of the possibility of rising water during a storm.
  3. No shelter? No problem. It is okay if you cannot find shelter. Instead try to angle your car so that the hail is hitting the front of your car first. Windshields are designed so that they are reinforced to withstand forward driving and pelting objects. Backglass and side windows are not, so they break much easier than the windshield.
  4. Lie down! Once you are safely parked lie down in your car if possible. If you have a jacket or blanket, cover yourself and other passengers to help prevent possible debris from hitting you.

Being prepared for a hail storm will help prevent extreme damage to your vehicle but it will not always prevent all damage. After a hail storm ,check your car for damage. Should you discover any damage,  alert your insurance company and have it appraised if necessary.  Questions? A helpful associate at Freedom Honda’s service center is always available for any of your hail damage and service needs!

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