5 Tips for Keeping your Car Cool this Summer

May 18th, 2016 by

When getting off work this summer the last thing you want is to get into a blazing hot car. The heat inside your car can get pretty intense during the summer, heat gets trapped inside making the inside at least 30 degrees hotter then outside temperatures. Beat the heat this summer with these 5 tips for keeping your car cool!

  1. Park in the shade – Simply parking in the shade can significantly impact the inside temperatures of your car. If you cannot find a parking space in the shade try positioning the front of your car away from the direct sun light!
  2. Window Visors- This classic method is always a great and inexpensive go-to! Put a window visor up in your front windshield every time you leave your car for more than a few minutes, and keep it even cooler by putting an additional visor in the rear window as well.
  3. Create Some Air Flow- Hot air rises! Slightly crack a few windows open to allow the hot rising air to escape. Make sure to check the weather first!
  4. Solar Powered fan- Cracking the windows to your car works great but pairing cracked windows and a solar powered fan will do wonders for the temperature inside your car. Plus, these small inexpensive fans will help keep the air in your car circulating even on rainy days!
  5. Invest in Window Tint- Window tint acts as shades for your car windows and can significantly impact the temperatures reached inside. Make sure to check your states laws for window tint regulations.

All of these tips are great ways to keep your car cool and will all work great individually. But, for serious summer cooling results, try combining all 5 tips to beat that summer heat!

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