6 Fall Driving Tips

October 30th, 2019 by

Fall is an exciting time of year! However, along with the crisp weather and beautifully colored nature comes falling leaves, fog, frost, rain, deer, and sun glare. Road conditions can be a lot harsher in the fall, which is why it’s important to pay close attention to your surroundings. Follow our driving tips so you can be extra safe in your Honda this fall:



When leaves fall, they may cover obscure traffic lines and other pavement markings, or they might cover potholes and other road hazards. In addition, when leaves become wet, the road can be as slippery as ice. Don’t brake on wet leaves, and if you’re driving along a road covered in leaves, be sure to drive slowly and with extra caution.


Sun Glare

Fall is when the autumnal equinox occurs. Around sunrise and sunset, sun glare becomes prevalent on the roads. The sun perfectly aligns with east and west roadways during this time, and it can affect your sight for seconds after exposure, making it hard to see pedestrians, oncoming traffic, or the car in front of you. It can also bounce off your rearview mirror or reflect off traffic lights, which might make it hard to know when to stop. Grab a good pair of sunglasses, remove clutter from your sun visor, keep your windshield clean, and use north and south streets or streets that are covered with trees when possible.



During fall, we tend to see a lot of more precipitation. As always, when it’s raining, you should maintain a safe distance from the car in front of you, and you should drive more slowly than usual. Braking should not be abrupt, as you may be at a higher risk for hydroplaning.



As winter is approaching, temperatures tend to drop dramatically overnight, which can lead to morning frost and icy spots on the road—specifically bridges, overpasses, and shaded areas. Pay close attention to frosted areas and drive slowly to avoid slipping. Be sure to clear your windshield and all windows of any frost before hitting the road.



Fog becomes most prevalent during the cold fall mornings, which can limit your driving visibility and your distance perception. When it’s foggy, be sure to use your vehicle’s low beams and slow down. Drivers should increase the amount of distance between their vehicles and others, so they have enough time to stop.



Deer tend to breed in the fall season, and they become active on the roads during sunrise and sunset. Be sure to pay close attention to the roads, slow down, and use caution, especially where there are deer crossing signs.


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