A Guide To Dashboard Warning Lights

August 6th, 2016 by

It is never a good feeling when a light starts to flash on your dashboard. The lights hiding in your dashboard can be very stressing when they start to flash and you have no idea what they mean. Some lights are friendly reminders – like the seatbelt light that you see almost every day, but other lights only pop up when there is a more serious issue at hand. Knowing what these strange lights mean before seeing them can help you be prepared and calm when they decided to pop into your day. Here are a few important lights to be prepared for:

General Warning Light- This light will light up along with other lights and is typically accompanied by an error message in your cars display. Pay attention to the lights that it is accompanied by to figure out what the problem is that needs addressed and then contact a professional.

Powertrain Malfunction- This light will show up when your engine management system detects a problem that requires immediate attention and your engine should be shut off immediately. Driving with this light on could cause damage to the engine, transmission or drivetrain. Things that might cause this light to come on include excessive speeds or pulling an excessively heavy load.

Oil Pressure Warning- This light will show up when your vehicles oil pressure is too low. To avoid severe engine damage your vehicle should be shut off immediately and oil level should be checked and corrected. If your oil level is correct and the light stays on professional help should still be sought.

ABS Warning- This Light is an indicator that your vehicle is having a problem with its ABS breaking system. It does not mean that your breaks are completely out of order but it does mean that you need to see a professional as soon as possible and get the problem under control.

Battery Warning- This light is an indicator that your vehicles battery is having issues. Your battery could be bad or simply low from a light being left on.

Engine Management- This light will appear when the vehicle senses a problem with the engine. Issues that usually set this light off include emissions or running concerns. This light can cause your vehicle to go into limp home mode and should be addressed immediately.

Break System Alert- This light will pop up when your vehicles brake fluid level is low. There could be a leak in the system causing the issue or the brake linings could be low.  Having low brake fluid can be very dangerous and professional help should be sought as soon as possible.

Tire Pressure Monitor- This light will pop up when your tire pressure is low. Simply inflating your tire to the right pressure and resetting the light could fix this problem. If your tire has a hole in it or it has been blown you will need to seek professional help.

Temperature Warning Light- This light will pop up when the vehicle is in danger of overheating and the car needs to be turned off to cool down. If this light is still on after letting your car cool off professional help should be sought.

Bulb Failure- This light will appear when there is a problem with one of your vehicles bulbs. Finding and replacing the faulty bulb should take care of this indicator. If the light does not turn off after the bad bulb has been replaced contact a motor electrician.

All of these lights can be indicators of serious problems with your car and should be addressed as soon as possible when lit up. If you cannot fix the problem yourself contact your mechanic for professional help. Freedom Honda’s Service center is always prepared to help you out with all your car problems and questions. If you have a pesky light that needs addressed give us a call, were ready to help!

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