A Reminder That Texting While Driving Is Illegal and Dangerous

September 12th, 2015 by

Man texting and drivingThere’s no doubt that cell phones have improved our lives tremendously. What was only a dream two decades ago is now reality. Most of us now walk around with a computer, camera, and phone all wrapped into one convenient, portable screen. However, all is not golden in our world of smartphones. There is now a very real and present danger on today’s roads from people who text while driving.

Cell phone use while driving has gotten so out of control that 1 in 4 motor vehicle crashes involved a cell phone in some way. These numbers are astonishing, yet people still continue to be on their phones while driving.  And while almost everyone knows that texting and driving is dangerous, did you know that it’s also illegal? As cell phone ownership among drivers has reached all-time highs, so have cell phone-related crashes. Many states have taken action to make texting while driving illegal, including Colorado. It is illegal to text while drive in the state of Colorado, as well as 46 other states. See the national breakdown here. Honda is working to make the roads safer by integrating features into cars that allow the car to read text messages to the driver, allowing the driver to keep their eyes on the road. Learn more about HondaLink® SMS Text Messages and & Email Function here.

When you text and drive, you’re not only putting your life at risk, but you’re putting the lives of everyone else around you at risk, too. Remember: someone cares about you and wants you to come back home at night. Put the phone down and drive.

As your premiere Colorado Springs Honda dealer, we want nothing more than you to be safe while you’re out on the road. So please, make smart decisions when you’re driving. If you’d like to find out more about how the new tech in Honda vehicles can keep you safe, be sure to stop by Freedom Honda for a demonstration today!

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