A Sand-Free Honda is a Happy Honda: Tips for Keeping Sand out of Your Car This Summer

July 29th, 2016 by

Planning on taking your Honda to the beach this summer? Going to the beach is a great way to have fun and cool off this summer but the fun ends when you have to deal with all the sand that tags along for the ride home. Here are a few tips to help minimize the amount of sand you bring home from the beach this summer:

  • Prep your Car: Covering the areas of your car that might be exposed to lingering sand before you head out to the beach is a simple and easy trick to saving your car from the evils of stubborn sand. Use an old fitted bed sheet to cover the seats in your car and old towels to cover the floor boards where sandy feet might be. When the sandy passengers are no longer in the car carefully remove the sheets and towels and simply shake the sand out for your next trip to the beach.
  • Ditch the Towels: Have you ever sat on a towel at the beach and then evidently regretted it? Bring chairs to sit on while you are on the beach and only use towels at the end to dry off. Towels are sand traps and will track a lot of extra sand back into your car, chairs can be easily dipped in the water or rinsed off at a water station before being put back into the car.
  • Mesh it up: Use a mesh bag for all of your beach belongings. Sand is small enough to fall through the holes in a mesh bag and can be easily rinsed before going back into your car. Sand toys, sunscreen, and other beach belongings can all be kept and rinsed together inside the mesh bag as well.
  • Minimize: One of the best things you can do to prevent sand from entering your car is simply minimizing the amount of things you bring to the beach with you. Leave things that you don’t need while at the beach in your car. Wear your swim suit to the beach and leave all your extra clothing in the car so that it does not gather sand at the beach. When you’re ready to change simply rinse off and then go get your clothes to change back into.
  • Brush and Rinse: Once you return from the beach and remove all of the covers use a vacuum with a brush attachment to get any sand that snuck its way into your seats and carpet. Also, Rinse the under-carriage of your car to remove any sand that got stuck to the underside of your car. Sand and salt water from the beach can cause rusting if not rinsed away after a long trip to the beach.

Being prepared for the beach and following these tips will help prevent a big mess after a fun summer trip to the beach. Keeping your Honda sand free will help lengthen its lifetime and prevent you from wasting time cleaning up. Use these tips this summer to help keep you and your Honda happy and keep the good times rolling!

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