Be Environmentally Friendly with Honda

December 14th, 2018 by

We know you care about the environment and so do we! At Freedom Honda, we want to get you into the environmentally safe and stylish car of your dreams. Honda has taken steps towards a greener way of life with different types of fuel-efficient vehicles for its customers to choose from. Pick your favorite model and schedule a test drive at Freedom Honda today!


The exterior of the Honda Insight is ready to shine! The front end of the vehicle has full LED lights, including low beam, high beam, and even daytime running lights. The back of the Insight is equipped with LED taillights and brake lights. Altogether the refined body shape of this new Honda gives off a pleasing, sophisticated and bold look. But the creative design doesn’t stop there. The interior of the Insight has a perfect design mix of sport and elegance. The exquisite detail in the material alone includes soft leather and fine double-stitching. The Shift-By-Wire feature in the pit allows you to switch from Econ to Sport mode or from Park to Drive mode, all with just the push of a button. But the high-tech features don’t stop there. There is also a 12V power outlet, 2 USB ports, Honda Lane Watch, and Display Audio touchscreen. This fuel-efficient Honda will have you leaving a green trail everywhere you go!

Accord Hybrid

The Honda Accord Hybrid always gives off a strong stance. Its powerful exterior includes strong character lines, auto on/ off LED fog lights, a dual-outlet exhaust and a muscular fastback structure. The intelligent design continues inside its luxurious interior. Inside this icon is high-quality trimmed leather, a customizable in-dash digital display, and an active noise-canceling cabin. The best part about this Honda is its EV mode! While driving on EV mode you have the power to drive directly on batteries and electric motors. Some other features include: driver assistance technology, walk away auto lock, and head up window display. You’ll always be charged up when you’re behind the wheel of this Accord.


The Clarity series is sure to turn heads. Its exterior gives a powerful presence in any crowd. As for the interior, the spacious cabin includes eco-conscious materials and sophisticated amenities. The best part about the Clarity is it’s available in the Plug-In Hybrid, Electric, and Fuel Cell models. While all three powertrains use an electric motor, there are still differences in how they are energy efficient. The Plug-In Hybrid models use traditional gas as well as the option to use all-electric driving. While in EV mode the Plug-In produces zero emissions. Altogether, the Plug-In is perfect for being fuel-efficient while driving long distances. As for the Electric option, the vehicle obtains its electricity from powerful batteries that require recharging in a power outlet. This battery electric vehicle (BEV) also produces no emissions and can stay charged up to 10 hours! Lastly, the Fuel Cell creates on-demand electricity for power with no emissions that stem from a highly-efficient fuel cell. Which of the three members of the Clarity family is your favorite?

As beautiful as they are efficient, these Honda’s are changing the way of travel, one step at a time. Hurry in today to test drive your favorite model!

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