Bluetooth – The Ultimate Accessory

March 7th, 2016 by

Bluetooth Steering Wheel ControlsBluetooth used to be a dirty word. Up until a few years ago, all it was good for was allowing you to be that annoying person that looked like they were talking to themselves while standing in line at the grocery store; however, it has evolved into something much more. In today’s blog post, we’re going to discuss why Bluetooth is a valuable accessory to your car.

The first and primary reason that Bluetooth is a valuable feature is the ability to make phone calls, hands-free. No longer must you take both hands off the wheel just to answer your phone. In Hondas, Bluetooth connectivity will allow the car to read your text messages and even reply to them! This means that you never have to miss anything, yet still drive safely.  Besides staying safe, you don’t have to break the law – using Bluetooth while driving is legal. You can learn more about Colorado driving laws here. Additionally, Bluetooth is great for keeping your car cord-free. Because many people these days keep their personal music collection on their phone, you can listen to it without having to have a series of cords in your car. In addition to your music collection, you can also stream from other sources like Pandora.

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