Busy Moms – What Honda Is Right For You?

April 30th, 2016 by

Honda OdysseyHappy early Mother’s Day, Colorado Springs Honda fans! We know all the moms out there work hard, and they deserve only they very best vehicle.  Whether you’re a busy mom or you know one, we want to help all the moms find the perfect vehicle for their busy lives. We’ve gathered some of our most popular models to help you get an idea of what Honda works best for the mom in your life.

The Honda Odyssey is best if you’re a mom with multiple kids that’s always on the run.  Are your days full of running from the house to the office to sporting and extracurricular events? You need the Odyssey. It has all the room you need to drive your kids (and their friends!) to wherever their next event is. You’ll appreciate the quite ride and roomy interior. Being a “soccer mom” has never looked this good.

The Honda Pilot is best if you’re looking the space and practicality that the Odyssey offers but prefer SUVs over minivans. You’ll appreciate the available AWD for those snowy days that we’re famous for here in Colorado. Also, the Pilot is sporting one of the freshest designs in the segment, and it will surely look great for years to come.

The Honda Civic is best if you want a compact car that will last. It’s no secret why there’s so many Civics on the road today – it’s been the gold standard for quality and reliability in the compact car segment for two decades. Buying a Civic is the best decision and will have you driving a fun, stylish vehicle for years to come. Also, if you plan on eventually passing down your vehicle to your kids, the Honda Civic makes a wonderful vehicle for first-time drivers.

The Honda CR-V is best if you’re looking for a vehicle that has the high ground clearance of an SUV with the MPG of a sedan. The CR-V helped pioneer the crossover segment as we know it today, and it’s grown into a modern crossover with all the benefits of a sedan packed into a tech-filled, SUV-like body.

The Honda Fit is best for the yoga lover. Okay, so maybe we’re stretching it with this one, but puns aside, the Honda Fit is one of the most roomy, flexible small vehicles on the road. If you need to haul a lot of things but don’t want a large vehicle, the Fit’s signature Magic Seat® can flip and fold like a yoga master. Adjust the seats to, ahem, fit anything you need!

Still unsure about which Honda works best for you? Come by your neighborhood Colorado Springs Honda store, Freedom Honda! We’ll work with you to help figure which vehicle meets your needs and budget.  See you soon – oh, and have a fantastic Mother’s Day!

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