Freedom Honda Presents: Back to School Maintenance Tips

August 12th, 2015 by

School  office supplies on board.Ah, fall. All over the country, people are trading in poolsides for pumpkin patches and grabbing their coats. Here in colorful Colorado Springs, we’re gearing up for another beautiful fall. The cool weather doesn’t just bring a change in fashion, but a change in life. For many, it’s a time of going back to school. No matter where you attend, here are some back-to-school maintenance tips from your friends at Freedom Honda.

Deep-Clean Your Vehicle. Yes, the first thing to think about is cleaning your vehicle. While it may not affect how your vehicle runs, letting a vehicle be dirty for a long period of time can take a toll on not just your mental health, but also create set-in stains that can affect the value of your vehicle. Before you get caught-up in the craziness of the school year, take time to vacuum your vehicle, wipe down the interior, and remove any unnecessary clutter.

Check The Tires. Just like you need solid footwear to walk around campus, your vehicle needs solid tires to get you to and from class.  While getting a flat tire is never an enjoyable experience, students that drive to far-away schools need to make sure their tires are road-trip worthy.  Bald tires are at risk for blowouts.  Also, new tires will give you the traction you need for this upcoming winter.

Get Your Oil Changed. Arguably one of the most important things to have done to your vehicle is having the oil changed. This keeps your engine running efficiently and prevents build-up. While the frequency at which you need to have it changed depends on how much you drive and the environment you drive it in, a good rule of thumb is every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. Ask your service advisor for the best recommendation.

Lights. Do you have a headlight or taillight out? The time to replace it is now. While it’s never safe to drive with a light out, daylight hours will be limited in winter and you will be relying on your lights more. Make sure they’re all working before winter hits.

Check Your Owners’ Manual. It’s important to stay up-to-date with regular service visits. Your Honda’s owners’ manual has the recommended services schedule which shows when you need to make certain repairs. Not sure what needs to be done? The experts atFreedom Honda can help!

Here at Freedom Honda, we know that whether you’re in high school, going off to college, or are taking night classes, you need a vehicle that you can count on. The service team here at Freedom Honda is here to help make sure your vehicle runs just like it should and is always operating at its best. Come see us  or schedule your appointment today.

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