Freedom Honda Presents: How to Survive Being Nauseous In the Car

February 6th, 2017 by

There’s no doubt that all of us here at Freedom love nothing more than spending time in our beloved Hondas, but even hardcore Honda lovers like ourselves know that there are times you don’t want to be behind the wheel. This is especially true if we or one of our passengers are feeling ill. Whether you’re a passenger or driver, there is nothing enjoyable about being stuck in a car while you aren’t feeling well. If you or a passenger ends up being nauseous/car sick, here are some tips to try and cope.

Get out of the back seat. Have you noticed that you get nauseous in the back seat, but not the front? You’re not going crazy – motion sickness is the result of the discrepancy from the motion you see versus the motion you feel. The front seats feel less motion than the back, and if it is possible, move to the front to avoid issues.

Open up the windows. Sometimes, all you need is some fresh air. Fresh air can help relieve any sickness resulting from being in the car.

Eat something. Whether you’re feeling nauseated from being in the car or some other circumstance, there are certain foods that can relieve your sickness. Consuming ginger products or something dry can help absorb acid in your stomach and relieve your symptoms.

Close your eyes. This is obviously a passengers-only tip, but closing your eyes, avoiding looking out the window, and avoiding reading are all great steps to take to reduce your car sickness.

Remember, it’s never safe to drive while impaired, and being carsick can certainly lead to being distracted. If it becomes unsafe to drive, pull over and wait until it is safe to drive. For any other driving or automotive advice, stop by Freedom Honda today or give us a call!

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