Freedom Honda Presents: What To Do When Your Check Engine Light Comes On

September 25th, 2015 by

Service engine soon light on dashboardYou spend a lot of time looking at the gauge cluster in your car. It’s the central source for information in your Honda, so you can easily spot when something is amiss. Nothing can strike a sense of panic like seeing your “check engine” light come on. If you’re not sure what you need to do, never fear, Freedom Honda is here!

First, it’s important to know that your ignoring your check engine light is never a smart idea. The light exists to alert drivers that something is functioning improperly on your vehicle and it needs to be evaluated and addressed before it becomes an even bigger issue. What’s causing the light to come? Here are some common causes for your check engine light to be on:

  • Your catalytic converter needs to be replaced
  • Your gas cap is missing or needs to be replaced
  • Your mass airflow sensor needs to be replaced
  • Your sparks plugs or plug wires need to be replaced
  • Your oxygen sensor needs to be replaced

Regardless of the cause, it’s unwise to ignore the light. Your car is trying to tell you something is wrong, and if you don’t listen to it, it could be detrimental to its health in the long-run and potentially cost you thousands of dollars. Additionally, ignoring it could lead to you being stranded on the side of the road. Don’t let a fixable issue put you into one of these predicaments.

Whether it’s a check engine light or a different service you need completed, your Colorado Springs Honda dealer, Freedom Honda, is here to help! Our service department here can help diagnose, evaluate, and treat an issues that your vehicle is experiencing and get you back on the road in no-time. Schedule your appointment online, visit us in-person, or give us a call at 719-258-2500 today!

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