Getting Pulled Over – How To Handle Your Next Traffic Stop

April 17th, 2016 by

womanIf you’ve spent any time on the road, you’ve undoubtedly seen someone pulled over… or been pulled over yourself. If you have, you know that it is never a fun experience. There are things you can do to ensure that your next traffic stop goes smoothly. Whether you’ve been pulled over multiple times or your driving record is flawless, here are some ways to handle your next traffic stop.

Pull over in a safe location. See flashing red and blue lights in your mirror? As soon as you can, safely pull your car over to the right side/shoulder of the road or, if possible, a parking lot. While you shouldn’t do anything drastic, taking your “sweet time” to pull over could only irritate the police officer. Additionally, make sure you get over as far as possible. This ensures that both you and the officer are safe from passing vehicles.

Remain calm. We know that by this point, you’re probably nervous, but just take a few deep breaths – everything will be okay. When the officer approaches your window, he or she will inform you why they are stopping you and ask for your driver’s license and required paperwork. Which brings us to our next point…

Be prepared. There’s nothing worse than having to nervously shuffle through paperwork to give to the officer. To avoid this issue, keep a plastic, zip-up bag in your glove box. This bag should have your most up-to-date insurance information and vehicle registration.

Be polite and don’t lie. Remember to always be kind when talking with an officer – chances are your attitude will play a big role in if you get a traffic citation or not. If you know you were breaking a traffic law, admit it. If you believe you were wrongfully pulled over, politely explain to the officer what you thought the traffic law was or how you were driving.

Again, stay calm. If you end up getting a traffic citation, there’s no doubt you won’t be happy. Do not let your emotions overtake you in this situation – it could only lead to more fines. Arguing won’t get you anywhere – you can address your fine later. Sign your ticket (which is NOT an admission of guilt) and safely pull back out in to traffic.

Explore Your Options. If you get a traffic citation, you do have options on how to move forward. You have the option to go to court to fight the ticket on your own. You might be able to get the ticket thrown out, but it will be more difficult to do so on your own, and you risk having to pay the entire fine Lastly, you can hire a traffic lawyer to try to have your citation amended. This potentially could reduce the charge and fine from your ticket.

Freedom Honda encourages all drivers to always drive safely. Traffic laws are in place for a reason, and we hope you follow them. Be safe when driving, and remember the next time you need your vehicle serviced, come see your local Colorado Springs Honda experts here at Freedom Honda!

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