Getting Your Honda Ready For The Fall

August 31st, 2016 by

The seasons are changing here in colorful Colorado. While you enjoy y  watching the leaves change colors and breathing in the cooler air, it’s important to make sure your Honda is ready to weather the change in weather. Let the experts here at Freedom Honda help you out – here are some ways you and your Honda can be ready for fall:

First, clean your car. Spring isn’t the only time you should be cleaning your car. With a long winter not far away, now is a great time to deep clean your Honda. Disinfect all the surfaces you regularly touch – the steering wheel, gear shift, audio and climate controls, etc. – with car-friendly cleaning solutions or wipes. Don’t forget to vacuum the rugs, seats, and trunk. Additionally, washing and waxing the exterior can help protect it from the harsh elements ahead. And we can’t forget to keep a clean-up kit in the car. With pumpkin spice latte season just around the corner, there’s a very good chance you’re going to spill something in your car.

Don’t forget to be ready for fun! Fall is one of our absolute favorite seasons here in Colorado Springs. Make sure you have extra jackets, stuff to make s’mores, or camping gear in your Honda. It may seem like a lot of stuff, but if you pack smartly, a fall fun kit will only take up a small portion of your trunk and you’ll be ready for whatever fun Colorado throws at you and your friends!

Last but definitely not least, now is a great time to have important preventative maintenance done on your Honda. The holidays will be here before you know it and you’ll be running around like crazy! Now is the time to make sure your car is correctly aligned, the tires are balanced and properly inflated, and your oil and other important fluids have been changed as necessary.

Also, now is the time to prepare for snow. Snow can creep up on us at any time here in Colorado Springs, and it’s important to make sure you are ready. If your car requires special winter tires or if you frequently use chains to navigate in the snow, now is the time to start thinking about putting the tires on your car and putting the chains back in your car.

There’s no doubt that nothing compares to fall in Colorado Springs, and here at Freedom Honda we’re ready to help you transition into every season! Our expert service technicians can ensure your Honda is running flawlessly and answer any questions you have about proper maintenance. Stop by today to have any questions answered! 

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