Halloween Safe Driving Tips

October 29th, 2015 by

HalloweenHappy Halloween, Freedom Honda fans! We’re ready to have a night full of fun and frights, but as you head out, it’s important to know what to expect. Your friends here at Freedom Honda, the premiere Honda dealership of Colorado Springs, are here with some helpful hints about driving during Halloween!

  • Stay off your phone. This one should be obvious (since you know, it’s illegal), but we just want to remind you that with all of the extra children running around, your eyes need to be laser-focused on the road.
  • Slow down. There’s going to be a significant increase in pedestrian traffic on Halloween night. By driving a little slower than usual, you’ll be making the roads safer for everyone involved.
  • Avoid residential areas. Since many kids will be going door-to-door to the most suburban of our communities, if it’s possible, try to avoid high-residential areas.
  • Watch for intoxicated drivers. Kids aren’t the only ones that will be having fun on Halloween. As Halloween continues to become one of the most-celebrated holidays, more people will be getting behind the wheel intoxicated. If you notice someone driving under the influence, call the police. Don’t let your loved ones drive intoxicated, and if you do plan on drinking, please designate a driver.
  • Avoid driving (if possible). While we’re big fans of driving, there are times when it’s best to stay of the roads. Due to all of the pedestrian traffic, it’s best to avoid getting behind the wheel unless necessary.

Whether you’re staying in or hitting the roads this Halloween weekend, we want you to be safe and have a good time! With all the talk of scary things, you know is truly terrifying? Driving an unreliable vehicle in the upcoming winter season! Come by Freedom Honda today to find your perfect Honda today! With one of the largest selections of new and used vehicles in

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