Honda’s Best Superbowl Car Commercials

February 2nd, 2019 by

Millions of people from all over the world tuned in to watch the Superbowl this year. This year’s game between the New England Patriots and the Los Angeles Rams was the lowest scoring game ever. The Superbowl is a spectacle of entertainment from the first coin flip all the way to the championship ceremony. 

Let’s face it though, not everyone is a sports fan. A major portion of viewers actually tunes in solely because of the commercials. Each year, companies spend millions of dollars to grab our attention in between regulation game time. Whether it’s to make us laugh or to strike any other emotional cord, the ads are certainly memorable aspects of most of our Superbowl traditions.

Companies like Bud Light and Frito Lay are notoriously known for showering our televisions with advertisements every year, but that’s only a small glimmer of the excitement that we’re exposed to. Even many celebrities have contributed to the commercial efforts in recent time. Stars like Tina Fey and icons like Betty White have graced our television sets with some pretty off-the-wall antics.

While it’s the funny Superbowl commercials that keep us hooked, it’s worth noting that some of the best car commercials of all time have aired during this perennial event. Let’s take a look back at some the most notable Honda ads that have graced the airway in recent years:

“A New Truck To Love” (Honda Ridgeline – 2016)

A few years before the “Bohemian Rhapsody” captured our hearts at the box office, Honda was able to put Queen back in the spotlight with the advertisement for the 2016 Ridgeline. The commercial displays a herd of sheep singing the initial chords of “Somebody to love.” As the ad progresses, a man in a Ridgeline truck appears to return more sheep with the rest of the herd. As he drives away, he turns the audio back to Queen’s version of the song, while the sheep stand in admiration of the vehicle.

“Matthew Broderick’s Day Off” ( Honda CRV – 2012)

One of the most popular Honda Superbowl commercials appeared in 2012 with 80’s star, Matthew Broderick at the forefront. Broderick, most notably known for his role in “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,” mimicked his character in the iconic film. When the commercial starts, Broderick calls in sick at work. After hanging up, he flees to his CRV and rewards himself with a hay day full of carnival rides, museum exhibits, horse races, and many other adventures.

“Hug Fest” (Honda – 2014)

When the Seattle Seahawks squared off against the Denver Broncos in 2014, we got to see the iconic action star, Bruce Willis shows a softer side that we aren’t typically used to. Honda used Willis to promote its safety campaign brilliantly. Once the commercial aired, Willis performs a powerful monologue to promote car safety. As the ad progresses, he discusses the importance of keeping family and friends safe when operating a vehicle. The commercial concludes with a fan hilariously hugging at Willis’ side.

“Yearbook Photos” (Honda – 2017)

When the New England Patriots battled the Atlanta Falcons in Superbowl 51, many of us were exposed to one of Tom Brady’s greatest performances. That year, the 2017 Honda CRV was displayed in a memorable ad that featured many of pop cultures most notable icons. The commercial displays old yearbook photos of stars like Jimmy Kimmel, Stan Lee, Steve Carell, Missy Elliot and so much more. The campaign gravitates towards the mission of “chasing dreams” in Honda’s latest SUV.