How American is Your Car?

July 15th, 2016 by

The Honda Accord is celebrating 40 years of being an American made car, but that is not the only American made Honda model according to the American-made Index (AMI).  Freedom Honda is proud to say that out of the eight cars that made the American-Made Index list three of those cars are Honda including the Honda Accord! The three Honda models that made the list include the Honda Accord in second place, the Honda Odyssey in fourth place, and the Honda Pilot in fifth place. How are cars judged on their American-ness you ask? With so many car brands and models to compare it can be quite a task.

First of all the manufacture is not what determines how American a car is, cars are actually judged on a model-to-model basis. Five of this year’s eight AMI cars are surprisingly from foreign-based automakers. It is important to understand that the AMI only rates vehicles not their automakers. Aspects that make a car “American” by AMI standards include: Cars that are assembled in America, cars that use a high percentage of domestic parts, and cars that are bought in large numbers by American consumers. To be considered for this list a car must have at least 75 percent of its parts made in the U.S. Any car that scores lower than a 75 is not included on the list. In 2010 there were almost 30 vehicle models that met the requirements of the AMI, in 2012 less than 20 models made the list, and in 2015 only seven cars total met the requirements to get on the AMI list. The AMI used to post all models that met the 75 percent requirement but it recently changed to a top ten list.

This list has been steadily shrinking over the past few years and Freedom Honda is honored to see that 3 Honda models managed to make it to the top of the American-Made Index list. If you’re looking into buying an American made car look no farther! Honda has been making great reliable American cars like the Accord for 40 years. Come test drive an Accord, Odyssey, or Pilot today at Freedom Honda!

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