How To Remove Candy From Your Car

October 20th, 2016 by

Happy October, Freedom Honda fans! We know many of you have Halloween on your brain – after all, it is quickly becoming one of the largest holidays celebrated in America. With it just around the corner, now is the time to prepare for what is arguably one of the worst parts of fall – cleaning all the candy out of your car! If you have kids, you no doubt understand how true this statement is. In today’s blog, we outline some ways you can get your vehicle back to being candy-free.

Candy on carpet. We’re jumping head-first into cleaning with a vacuum in hand. Head over to your local carwash or use your personal high-powered vacuum to get all of surface-level crumbs off the floor. Candy still stuck? Get a carpet-friendly scrubber and some hot, soapy water and scrub until clean.

Gum on carpets. Is there anything worse than gum getting stuck on a floor mat or seat? Never fear – this is actually an easy fix. To remove the gum, go fill a plastic bag full of ice and set the bag on top of the gum. Let it sit on the gum until it gets hard, and then easily scrape it off the carpet. Problem solved!

Sticky surfaces. Candy doesn’t just end up on the fabrics in your car – the plastics and other hard surfaces of your vehicles are not immune from the horrors of Halloween candy. For most surfaces, a washrag dipped into hot water will suffice for cleaning. Be sure to check door handles, cup holders, and map pockets for residue from candy.

Wrappers. All those colorful candy wrappers? They can end up all over your car. To avoid wrappers going everywhere, keep a spare plastic bag in your vehicle to put trash in. If you can’t seem to avoid wrappers everywhere, it’s easier to just gather them by hands to throw them away.

Is your vehicle still dirty after all these tips? Come here to Freedom Honda! Whether you need to have your Honda professionally detailed or need a new vehicle, the staff here at Freedom Honda is here to help! Give us a call or stop by today.

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