How To Survive A Flat Tire – A Step-By-Step Guide

August 23rd, 2016 by

Flat tires: you either walk out to your car and notice your tire sagging or you are driving and you hear the flapping of an airless tire. Freedom Honda hopes you’re not driving your vehicle when you have a flat, but if you get one, what you do next is critical. Here are some tips for handling a flat tire, whether your car is parked or if you are driving.

If Your Car is Parked:
Inspect it: run your hands along the tire to see if you can find any objects like nails or staples in your treads. If you can’t see anything, your tire might just be low on air.

If You’re Driving:
You may not be able to hear your tire going flat, but you will feel it. If it feels like your vehicle is being pulled to the side or you cannot accelerate, you have a flat tire.
Safely pull over and get as far away from the edge of the road as you can in case. Give yourself as much room as possible to reduce the risk of being hit by passing vehicles.

How to Change a Tire:

Step 1: If you have steel wheels, remove the wheel cover. Use a flathead screwdriver to pop it off.
Step 2: Prepare your spare tire, secure your vehicle, and loosen the lug nuts with a lug wrench while turning it counter clockwise.
Step 3: Take out your jack and jack up your vehicle. For hydraulic jacks, insert the handle and pump it up and down. For scissor jacks, take the wrench or rod, insert it, and crank.
Step 4: Remove your flat tire by taking off the lug nuts and pulling the tire towards your body. Roll it to the back of your vehicle once it is off.
Step 5: Lift your spare onto the lug bolts and secure the lug nuts into place with your wrench. You may need some help because tires are heavy.
Step 6: Lower your vehicle by turning your jack the opposite way. Once it is back on the ground, tighten your lug nuts at much as possible.
Step 7: Put your wheel cover back on by patting it back into place with the palm of your hand. Avoid using a wrench or hammer because it will dent your wheel cover.

If you need to replace your spare tire, come see Freedom Honda today! We hope you continue to stay safe on the roads.

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