Leap Day Car Maintenance Tips

February 29th, 2016 by

auto mechanic workingHappy February 29th, Honda fans! Every four years we’re given an extra day and many people don’t know how to spend it. We think it’s a great opportunity to preform much-needed maintenance on your Honda. Here’s some great ideas to make today productive.

Clean your car. Listen, winter can be rough on a car. Now is a great time to wash dirt, grime, and salt off the exterior of your car – your rust-free car of the future will thank you. Additionally, if you want the interior to look great for years to come, make sure you clean the carpets, wipe away all the dust, and remove excess clutter. Your car will look great, and you’ll feel good about it being clean.

Oil Change. Getting your oil changed on a regular schedule is one of the most important aspects of automotive maintenance. If you’ve been putting off this important service, you can come see us and have it done – schedule your appointment here.

Rotate and check the tires. Your tires need to be in good shape to survive the rest of the snowy Colorado weather. At the minimum have your tires rotated, and if needed, replaced with winter-specific tires. This will ensure that you get the best traction possible in nasty weather.

Evaluate if it’s time to upgrade. Is it time to get a new vehicle? Now is a great time to purchase another Honda! We can help you get into the new vehicle of your dreams!

Whether you’re looking to have your Honda serviced or it’s time to buy a new vehicle, the experts here at Freedom Honda are here to help you! We have one of the largest selections of Hondas around and can help you with all of your automotive needs. Stop by today or give us a call!

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