Lights on Your Dash: What They Mean

December 3rd, 2019 by

Life is busy, and sometimes it can be difficult to keep up with servicing your vehicle regularly. Believe us—we know. Here at Freedom Honda, our service department works to help customers keep their cars, trucks, SUVs, and minivans in top condition, but occasionally we encounter a vehicle with one or more of its dash lights on.

While this can be alarming for a driver, it’s usually not a total emergency if you act quickly. These are the most important check-engine lights you’ll find on a Honda—and most other vehicles—what they mean, and what to do about them:

  1. Low Oil Pressure – This light is usually red and looks like an oil can with a droplet dripping out of its spout. It means your engine isn’t receiving enough lubrication and needs a service appointment right away. Otherwise, your car’s engine could seize.
  2. Multi-Function Indicator/Check-Engine Light – This tan or yellow light looks like a piece of machinery and is supposed to represent your vehicle’s engine. When this light is on, it’s trying to warn you about a problem with your engine’s emission control system—but it can also be something as simple as a loose gas cap. If you notice the light is on but not blinking, visit a repair shop as soon as you can. If the light is blinking, park your vehicle at the earliest opportunity. Turn the vehicle off for 10 minutes or longer and then turn it back on. If the light continues to blink, drive slowly to the nearest service station. Driving more than 30 miles per hour with a blinking check-engine light can do serious damage to your vehicle.
  3. Daytime Running Lights Indicator – This light is shown as “DRL” on your dashboard and is a safety feature for driving your car during the day. If you notice the light is blinking, make sure to turn off any lights so you don’t drain the battery.
  4. Immobilizer System – This light is usually green and in the shape of a key. It’s your vehicle’s anti-theft system that reacts to the chip embedded in your vehicle’s key. It lets the car know the key is being used to operate the vehicle. If you’re not using the correct key, you probably won’t be able to turn on your ignition and will have to contact a certified Honda dealership for a new one.

If you notice any of these lights on in your car, truck, SUV or minivan, bring it to Freedom Honda and let us help get you back up and running.