National Car Care Month | Freedom Honda

April 3rd, 2019 by


At Freedom Honda, we care about our customers, so we’ve created a comprehensive guide to Car Care to improve road safety and maybe save you a pretty penny!


Oil Change

When thinking about vehicle maintenance, regular oil changes likely come to mind first. Motor oil lubricates the pistons, connecting rod, crankshaft, and valves in your engine. Essentially, all the moving parts that keep your vehicle, well, moving. Oil also assists in preventing wear, removing contaminants and regulating engine temperature.

Neglecting oil change is the number one cause of engine failure. You’re probably envisioning the frustrated man or woman on the side of the highway, perplexedly staring under the hood of their car, while the parts underneath steam and hiss. To avoid that disaster, a good rule of thumb is to change your oil every 3,000-5,000 miles.

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Brake Pads

You might associate faulty breaks with noises like screeching, grinding or clicking, or the obvious brake light illumination. But there are other warning signs drivers should be aware of.




Tire Care

Pressure: Tires naturally lose 1-2 psi per month, and an under-inflated tire can cause blow-outs or hydroplaning. Sound tire pressure is critical for good gas mileage and getting the most life out of your tires. Most car manufacturers recommend 32-35 psi. You can see your car’s exact specifications listed on a sticker inside the driver side door.




Balance: In addition to pressure, physical damage such as bulges, cuts and bald spots weaken the internal components of the tire. You want to get your tires balanced out for any imperfections in the tire’s mass distribution.

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Rotation: We recommend you rotate the tires on your vehicle every 5,000-7,000 miles. This helps achieve even treadwear on all four tires, increases the gas mileage and performance. Think about it, would you rather pay $16 to rotate your tires or hundreds on brand new tires?

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Headlights: While most focus on oil changes, brake pads, and tire pressure checks, there’s one critical safety element that’s often overlooked – vehicle headlight maintenance. 

Two key tips to remember are to replace headlights before burnout and always replace in pairs. Come to Freedom and ask about our various headlight performance levels.

If your debating whether this maintenance is necessary, just ask yourself “Do I want to see better at night?” The answer is always yes.