New Year’s Eve Driving Safety!

December 28th, 2018 by


At Freedom Honda, we care about your safety! With New Year’s Eve quickly approaching, we have put together a few Dos and Don’ts that will keep you worry-free before and after midnight!

Don’t Drink and Drive

Arrive alive, don’t drink and drive! We understand drinking is common among NYE celebrations, but don’t make a champagne toast at midnight if you plan on driving home! Drinking and driving can cause serious harm to yourself or others. At Freedom Honda, we encourage a designated driver or an alternative form of transportation, such as Uber or a taxi, if you plan to have a drink while celebrating.

Don’t Leave Your Car Overnight

Although we understand people leave their vehicles parked overnight as a substitute to not drinking and driving, we recommend not leaving your car parked outside in an unfamiliar area either. Unfortunately, New Year’s Eve is known as one of the most popular holidays for car thieves. Ultimately, if you do have to leave your car outside, try to pick it up as early as possible on New Year’s morning and remember to remove all of your valuable items before leaving your vehicle unattended!

Do Plan Ahead

Avoid leaving your car parked outside by planning ahead! Take the time to layout your New Year’s Eve events in advance so you can be worry-free, all night long! Make sure the kids have a babysitter, the pets are taken care of, and most importantly your travel plans are ready for the road!

Don’t Speed

If driving is in your evening plans, take your time on the road! New Year’s Eve is among the busiest nights of the year on the highways and driving too fast creates a higher risk of accidents! We encourage leaving your home 30 minutes early to stay on top of traffic, avoid speeding tickets, and reaching your destination safely and on-time!

Do Have a Great Evening!

We hope your NYE celebration is the best one yet! Thank you for all of your kindness and support in 2018! Freedom Honda wishes you the happiest New Year and many great journeys ahead in 2019!

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