Paint Maintenance Tips From Freedom Honda

September 2nd, 2015 by

Worker Painting A CarPaint color is one of the most important things about your Honda. It’s probably one of the very first things you noticed about the vehicle when you purchased it. Keeping your paint looking great is essential to your vehicle’s exterior maintenance and helping your vehicle hold its value. While there are many things you can do to ensure your Honda holds on to its value, keeping your ride ‘s exterior looking great is one way to help your car hold its value. Your Colorado Springs Honda dealer, Freedom Honda, is here to help you keep your car looking great.

Keep your paint in great shape with this routine:

Regularly wash your car. While you might be more concerned with having your oil changed regularly, you should also be worried about washing your vehicle regularly. This gets the dirt and grime off of your ride, which when you allow to build-up, can cause discoloration. Additionally, salt from wintery roads can erode your vehicle, so be sure to rinse it off when possible. Be cautious about what soap you use on your vehicle – just because it’s good enough for your dishes doesn’t mean it’s good enough for your car. Use only car-specific soaps when washing.

Wax it. Waxing your vehicle is important because it helps keep the paint shinny and looking nice. In more scientific terms, waxing helps protect your vehicle’s clear coat. This is the layer just above the paint that protects the paint. As the paint ages, the surface of the paint looks hazy and the shine of the color begins to fade. Your vehicle’s clear coat is what helps keep the paint looking great. By waxing, you are slowing down the wear that the clear coat experiences, which is caused by the sun, salt, debris, animals, etc. Additionally, waxing provides a layer on top of the clear coat that keeps you from rubbing dirt directly into the paint when you remove it.

Touch-up. Unfortunately, scratches happen. It’s important to have them fixed before they develop into something more. Because a small scratch can develop into something much larger very quickly, it’s important to try and fix it immediately. The experts at your neighborhood Honda dealer, Freedom Honda, have the supplies and knowledge you need to be able to touch-up scratches or fix even more significant cosmetic damage.

Keep up with these tips, and your vehicle could be rust-free and looking great for many years to come!

Not sure where you should start? Come by your neighborhood Colorado Springs Honda store, Freedom Honda! Our friendly staff is here to help you answer any questions you have about how to service your vehicle and keep it looking great. While you’re here, check out our current inventory, too – you may just see your dream color on your dream car!

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