Spring into the New Season with these 4 Helpful Tips

April 12th, 2017 by

We’re already 4 months in to the 2017, and that means that the wintry weather is warming into summer fun.  It’s time to make sure your vehicle is prepared for what the new season will bring, so whether you’re planning the next road trip, needing to run some errands, or just striving for a better car, these 4 tips will help keep your vehicle ready for the summer season.

1. Wash, wax, and clean the inside, too

* Make sure all the snow, sludge, and salt that your car collected over the last few months are gone with the season.  To make it simple, pick up a Genuine Honda Car Care Kit online or at Freedom Honda.  This all-in-one package includes glass cleaner, carpet spot remover, and leather & vinyl protectant.

2. Inspect your tires

* Checking your vehicle’s tires is especially important in the spring.  For one, the rough road conditions can cause significant wear and tear on your tires.  On top of that, a car’s tire pressure will fluctuate due to the changing temperatures patterns.  As it gets warmer, the pressures can increase past manufacture specification, which will greatly affect your car’s efficiency.

3. Organize

* Clever ideas to keep your car organized include: storing plastic grocery bags in an empty tissue box, keeping a laundry basket in the trunk, or putting all your coins in a mason jar.  Post with your spring cleaning ideas below!

4. Check under the hood

* Be certain that no potential issues are lurking under the hood.  Your car is a finely tuned machine, and one minor problem can cause major complications.

For more tips on how to prepare your car for the summer, or to have one of our specialists inspect your vehicle, stop on in to Freedom Honda Today.

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