The Benefits of Buying a Certified Pre-Owned Honda

September 20th, 2019 by

A certified pre-owned vehicle isn’t like other pre-owned vehicles. There are multiple checks that are made to ensure it is up to date and secure, and plenty of different coverages and benefits are provided. Freedom Honda has a wide selection of certified pre-owned vehicles, so in order to help you understand that they are more than just a previously used car, we have compiled a list of benefits that come with buying one.

Warranty Coverage

Our warranty coverage and benefits encompass everything you might need to make your new-to-you car feel like it is brand new, including a powertrain warranty coverage, two free oil changes within the first year, and no deductible. A certified pre-owned car should feel like you are buying a new car entirely. It has warranties to cover it just like any other vehicle, with special consideration given due to its pre-used nature. 

Dealer Information

You never want to buy a vehicle without conducting proper research. Some used cars may not have all the relevant information on display, so you have to simply trust that the dealer has your best interests at heart. The team at Freedom Honda believes you should have as much information up front as possible. Our dealers have certified that a multipoint inspection was performed and repairs were made if it applies, so you are fully aware of what has happened to the car in the past. On a similar note, every vehicle comes with a free vehicle history report so you can see where and when repairs or inspections were made and how they affected the vehicle, if at all. 


Some certified pre-owned vehicles have buyback protection if the buyer later discovers the car had flood or fire damage or had a rolled-back odometer. Transparency is taken seriously at Freedom Honda, and we can ensure your purchase won’t have been made in vain should this information be discovered later on. Most certified pre-owned vehicles are slightly more expensive than their non-certified counterparts, and the care that goes into preparing these cars puts them closer to perfection than others. The bump in price isn’t exponential though, as it is more of a quality assurance cost than anything. You are paying slightly more for a car that has had exceptional care put into it so it is up to your standards. 

Find Your Perfect Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle at Freedom Honda

The team at Freedom Honda wants to make sure you are buying the very best vehicle on the lot for your personal needs, so we put extra care into taking care of all of our pre-owned options. Our CPO vehicles go through rigorous checks to make sure they are as good as new and fit for any driving conditions. If you are looking for a certified pre-owned vehicle, contact Freedom Honda today and start searching for your dream car.

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