Trick or Treating: Car Safety Tips

October 22nd, 2019 by

Honda is committed to making you and your family’s Halloween a safe one! If you happen to be the chosen driver for trick-or-treating this year, make sure you and your trick-or-treaters are safe. Use the suite of features Honda has developed to assist drivers in lowering the risk of collisions.


Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)

When you’re driving around a big fancy neighborhood with twists and turns, you don’t want to go too fast! The available Adaptive Cruise Control allows the driver to set a desired speed and maintain a following interval to a vehicle detected ahead. That way, as other parents are driving their kids, you won’t have to worry about being too close.


Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS)

Driving along the dark winding roads of a new neighborhood can be confusing, especially if there are other cars and families around for Halloween! The Lane Keeping Assist System will keep the vehicle centered in a detected lane. If the system detects drifting, it will gently apply a steering torque and help guide the car back to the center of the lane.


Forward Collision Warning (FCW)

If for some reason you find yourself looking at the decorated houses too long and don’t catch the vehicle in front of you stopping to let out some kids, you might be at risk for a collision! The Forward Collision Warning feature will use visual and audible cues to alert the driver to brake when it detects a potential crash with another vehicle ahead.

We hope everyone’s Halloween is safe in your Honda!


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