What is a CVT?

June 12th, 2015 by

transmission When cars first made their way into our lives over a hundred decades ago, there was only one kind of transmission available – a manual! As with almost everything over the last 100 years, technology has made our lives easier. In the automotive world, it has given birth to the automatic transmission. Rather than having to shift into different gears (as with a manual transmission), an automatic transmission will automatically do it for drivers. Some people prefer automatic transmission, while others continue to shift gears themselves; however, If you’ve been car shopping lately, you might have noticed that many new vehicles no longer list the transmission as “automatic” but instead say “CVT.” Today Freedom Honda, your destination for all things Honda in Colorado Springs, is here to help explain what a CVT is and what it means to you.

Chances are most people wouldn’t even notice they are driving a CVT – or continuously variable transmission – vehicle. From the inside of a vehicle, the experience is identical to driving an automatic. The difference is how the CVT operates compared to a traditional automatic. A traditional automatic operates on a fixed number of gears – usually 5 or 6 in modern cars – and shifts to different gears for more power or speed (think about how shifting your mountain bike works). A CVT has no gears and operates on a set of pulleys. These pulleys are moveable and are always adjusting to ensure the vehicle is experiencing the optimum amount of power and efficiency at that given moment. Rather than having to shift into the appropriate gear for the speed or power needed, the CVT adjusts itself so it’s already at the most efficient point.

We’re happy to see that Honda is dedicated to putting CVTs into their new vehicles. They have made their already-efficient vehicles even more frugal, all the while ensuring their customers have access to the latest and greatest technology. Besides driving a more efficient vehicle, a CVT is easier to service and more reliable than a traditional automatic, saving owner’s maintenance costs down the road.

No matter if you’re a fan of the manual, traditional automatic or CVT transmission, Freedom Honda has a wide-range of vehicles with your choice of transmission to choose from. Check out our inventory online, or stop by to take one for a spin today!

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