What Type of Honda Fits Your Type of Dad?

June 19th, 2016 by

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and Freedom Honda wants to find the perfect Honda for all the perfect dads out there! We all know the types of dads we have in our lives, and we’ve put together some of our most popular models to help you get an idea for what type of Honda would work best for the dad in your life (and a Father’s Day present!).

For the Outdoorsy Dad, the Honda CR-V is best. The CR-V has a spacious, feature-packed cabin and ample cargo space if you’re a dad who loves to go hiking, fishing, surfing, and more! The CR-V is ready to store any of your gear with the high clearance of an SUV too! It’s also filled with technology that’ll get you back home if you get lost (which will remain a secret between you and the CR-V).

For the Gadget Dad, the Honda Accord is best. The 2016 Accord is loaded with the most advanced technology. It comes with a new Display Audio touchscreen interface, Honda Sensing, HD Radio, heated rear seats, front and rear parking sensors, and more! This car is perfect for the dad who loves technology more than the teens in your family.

For the Overprotective Dad, the Honda Civic is best. The overprotective dad drives you everywhere and makes sure you have safely arrived at your destination, along with texting you every five minutes when he’s not with you. While Honda has the most vehicles with Top Safety Pick+ Rating from the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety, the Civic also earned the Top Safety Pick, the second highest level. The Civic will ease the mind of the overprotective dad when he’s carrying around his precious cargo.

For the Family Dad, the Honda Odyssey is best. The Honda Odyssey is the car that your family man will love. Whether he’s shuttling kids from school to soccer practice, or taking the family on a summer road trip, the Odyssey has plenty of passenger and cargo room, plus Sirius XM Radio, to help your Family Dad make the most with his family.

For the Trendy Dad, the Honda Fit is best. This goes out to all the “cool” dads who have a great sense of style, have the latest rock albums, and know all the latest trends. The Honda Fit is fun to drive, roomy, and practical for a commuter. It’s a sporty ride, comes with cool features, and is the latest Honda model on the road- a perfect fit for the trendiest dad.

We’re thankful for all the dads in our life and Freedom Honda wants to make sure they have a great Father’s Day and great Honda vehicle. Stop by and we’ll work with you to find the vehicle that works for you and your budget. Happy Father’s Day!

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